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    Live LiKeynoteke a child, Succeed Like a child –
    Motivational Seminars

    Award-winning kid rocker, Jim Cosgrove is a former newspaper reporter and corporate public relations professional who had the sense enough to get a “real” job helping kids laugh. He has performed for audiences throughout the U.S. and Europe, and twice at The White House.

    After over fifteen years working with kids, Cosgrove has discovered that they have much to teach adults about communicating, attaining goals, and living life to the fullest. He takes the many lessons he’s learned from kids back to corporate America, because, he says, what’s effective for success on the playground and in the classroom is effective for success in the boardroom.

    In his inspirational presentation Live like a child! Succeed like a child!, Cosgrove uses his own songs and anecdotes to emphasize that taking a more child-like (not childish) approach to life can make a remarkable difference in ouJim-Keynote1-1024x683r pursuit of success – no matter our occupation. He draws on his experience as a media spokesman for Sprint Corporation, a staff writer for the Albuquerque Journal, and as a national public speaker to connect with his corporate audiences.

    “Sometimes our biggest issues and concerns have the simplest solutions,” says Cosgrove. “It can be as easy as looking at challenges through the eyes of a child.”


    Some of the organizations who have benefited from Cosgrove’s child-like brand of fun…

    The Association of Residency Coordinators in Orthopaedic Surgery; Balance Innovations, LLC.; Hallmark Cards; National Association for the Education of Young Children; Nebraska Early Childhood Association; Parents as Teachers; San Bernardino County Schools; Webster University