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    Mr. Stinky Feet will get the whole family rocking! With a healthy dose of clever fun and a whole lot of heart, Cosgrove's music inspires the childlike nature of kids and adults. The songs in his set list give a nod to his folk-rock roots with hints of blues and country and an occasional kick of Cajun and Jamaican spice. His hit tunes “Stinky Feet” and “Ooey Gooey” tickle the whimsical spirits of kids of all ages. As a father of two daughters, he knows the live music experience is an integral part of child's education and social development. Most of all, music brings families together and creates a lifetime of memories.


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    Music is a part of being human – it’s part of our nature, our fabric, our being,” says Jim. “And every person on the planet has rhythm. It starts with our heart beats and travels everywhere with us.”



    Rocks the LibraryMr. Stinky Feet Rocks the Library - 

    It’s no exaggeration to say that librarians and their patrons love Mr. Stinky Feet! Some consider him a “library hero.” The feeling is mutual.  His anthem “Rockin’ the Library” and his 80s-style power ballad “Library Ann” are huge hits with the bookworms. He’s shattered the silence in the stacks from Albuquerque to Arlington, from Rapid City to Reston, and they keep inviting him back.



    Mr. Stinky Feet Rocks The Symphony - Rocks the Symphony

    Introduce children to the wonder and awe-inspiring beauty of a symphony orchestra experience with Mr. Stinky Feet. Jim’s songs have been arranged by Grammy-nominated arranger Don Hart, and the charts are available for any orchestra to perform with Jim and his band. This show debuted to a sold-out crowd in 2012 with the Kansas City Symphony at the world-class  Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. 



    Mr. Stinky Feet Rocks Christmas  - Mr Stinky Feet's Christmas

    The award-winning album “Mr. Stinky Feet’s Christmas” has become a holiday tradition for thousands of families. And the live concert version has become an annual favorite for libraries, churches, and theaters. Share in the joy of Jim’s adaptations of many of your favorite holiday classics, as well as his original songs like “Hark! It’s Harold the Angel” and “Prepare the Way.” It’s an interactive celebration that the whole family will enjoy.




    Mr. Stinky Feet Rocks Schools -Pick Me Pick Me

    Cosgrove engages students through music to help them identify and honor their personal rhythm during his Character Education programs. He encourages students to

    express personal rhythm in everyday activities such as homework, music, and sports while emphasizing respect for the rhythm of others and the earth. His approach is high energy and interactive – he selects dozens of students from the audience to perform on stage as a way to demonstrate self expression and positive audience participation skills. Click on School Programs for more details.


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