Jim Cosgrove has written and published five titles, three for kids, and two for adults. Click here to learn more about his true crime memoir, Ripple. All other titles are listed below.

Bop Bop DinosaurJune 2020

Bop Bop Dinosaur comes to life in this fun book based on the first song written for children by acclaimed kid-rocker Jim “Mr. Stinky Feet” Cosgrove. Read along and sing along with the whole family and enjoy the delightful illustrations by Dana Regan.

The rhythm and rhymes encourage a read-along and sing-along with adults. The repetitive “B” sound is good practice for early readers and helpful with linguistic development for those learning to talk. Listen to the Bop Bop Dinosaur song here.

Sullen Sally – Aug. 2020

Sullen Sally is a celebration of friendship. The mix of lyrical rhymes and colorful pictures remind children that nobody is expected to feel happy all the time. The story provides an opportunity for adults and children to talk about feelings and the meaning of true friendship. Everyone will love the whimsical illustrations by Christine Schneider. After reading, sing along to the musical version of Sullen Sally.

Hark It’s Harold the Angel – Oct. 2020

Hark! It’s Harold the Angel encourages readers to discover their own talents and reminds them that a little practice can boost their confidence to do amazing things. Cosgrove’s original tale puts a clever twist on the traditional Christmas carol we all know and love. Rob Peter’s beautiful illustrations bring the story to life.

Everybody Gets Stinky Feet

Essays for Grown-up Fans!

Lace up your sneakers for a delightful romp through inspiring essays for grown-up kids from beloved family entertainer and parenting columnist Jim Cosgrove. Tag along as he cuts the grass of a major league All-Star, bakes bread with nuns, shares a beer with a Muslim cab driver, and interacts with real-life angels. “Everybody Gets Stinky Feet” takes a peek into Cosgrove’s life as the father of daughters who are much more clever than he is and digs deep into his experience as the youngest of eight children in a loud and loving Irish-Catholic family.

Jim Cosgrove joyfully discussing “Everybody Gets Stinky Feet” at the Kansas City Public Library with Krosby Kemper, III, Director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services